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Soft Tissue Laser Surgery

For the treatment of soft tissue problems, lasers have many advantages. They are minimally invasive tools                             

Soft Tissue Laser

that generally involve taking away less tissue than conventional methods. Used in gum surgery, for example,

lasers can treat gum disease by killing harmful bacteria deep in pockets below the gum line, and removing 

the diseased tissue without harming the healthy tissue. They can also remove the thin layer of cells that inhibits 

reattachment of the gum and bone tissues to the tooth, while sealing off the adjacent blood vessels.

This type of procedure generally results in less bleeding and pain. Lasers are also effective in treating

ulcers and sores on the lips or gums. Soft tissue laser surgery can be used in esthetic reshaping of gum tissues,

Or help correct excessive display of gums. Patients at Walker Dentistry have enjoyed numerous laser procedures

comfortably with very fast healing and little to no post operative discomfort.

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