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Implant Supported Dentures and Prosthetics

Do you have loose dentures or need dentures?  Denture Prosthetics that are supported by Dental implants feel incredibly secure  giving you the confidence to smile again. The support and security Dental Implants provide dramatically improve you ability to chew more complex foods .

loose dentures failed teeth

loose dentures upper implants

loose dentures lower implants

                    Failed teeth needing extractions                                      Upper implants placed with Denture Attachments                Lower implants placed with Denture Attachments

Dental implants are placed in jawbone where teeth once were.  After a period of healing, something called an implant over-denture abutment can be screwed into the implants as shown above.   Another attachment is placed inside the Denture (pictured below) which then attaches securely to the implants.

Locator denture attachments in denture

                                                                                                                            Locator Denture attachments in Denture

Loose dentures pre treatment

loose dentures after

                                                 BEFORE IMPLANT TREATMENT                                                                                           AFTER IMPLANT TREATMENT

Watch video below to see how Dental Prosthetics supported by Dental Implants fit tight and securely.

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