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The Benefits Of Same Day Crowns

How same-day crowns from your dentists in Fishers, IN, can remake your smile

If you have damaged teeth, you probably already know about the great protection dental crowns can provide. What you may not know is that it is now possible to have your tooth prepared, and the dental crown made and placed, all in the same day!

Same-day crowns provide you and your smile with almost immediate protection. Drs. Gary and Rebecca Walker and Dr. Kelsey Geiger at Walker Dentistry in Fishers, IN, offer a wide range of dental services, including same-day crowns to remake your smile.

In the past, when you wanted a dental crown, you often had to wait weeks until your crown was made in a dental laboratory. All the while, you and your smile were faced with wearing an uncomfortable, unsightly temporary crown.

Those days are gone. Now, thanks to revolutionary new technology known as CAD/CAM (computer-assisted design/computer-assisted manufacture) you and your smile can enjoy a beautiful dental crown all in one day. CAD/CAM combines amazing 3D modeling technology with precise computer measurements to give you the perfect crown for your smile.

Let’s look at just a few of the benefits of same-day crowns:

Time savings, because all you need is one appointment, which means less time taken off work or school.

A perfect fit, because thanks to precise computer measurement, your same-day crown will fit perfectly the first time.

A natural look, because same-day crowns are made of high-grade materials that look just like natural tooth structures.

Long-term good looks, because the materials used in your same-day crown resist staining, so your new same-day crown will stay bright and beautiful for years.

Same-day crowns can enhance your smile and you deserve it! To find out more about the benefits of same-day crowns and how they can help your smile, call Drs. Gary and Rebecca Walker and Dr. Kelsey Geiger at Walker Dentistry in Fishers, IN. You can reach them in the office by calling (317) 849-8550, so call now!

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