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Air Abrasion

At Walker Dentistry, small cavities can be detected early and filled without shots or drilling, and with only the         

Air Abrasion

minimum removal of tooth material.  Minor routine dental procedures like chipped teeth, small cavities and  

removal of enamel defects can be performed without patients experiencing vibration, pressure or loud noises. 


The air abrasion instrument is a hand-held tool that dentists use for a variety of purposes. 

A bit like a mini-sandblaster, it uses compressed air (or another gas) to produce a fine stream of abrasive 

particles that can be precisely aimed. The small, high-speed particles remove tiny bits of material in the 

decayed or chipped portion of the tooth. The debris is then whisked away through a suction tube. 

Sound futuristic? It is, but it's not exactly new: Air abrasion instruments were first developed in the 1940's, 

but recent advances in high-volume suction and improved dental restoration materials have 

given the process a renewed appeal. Walker Dentistry has been using Air Abrasion routinely since 1992.


Eliminating loud drills, the Air Abrasion generates no pressure or vibration, and makes very little noise.

It can eliminate the need for anesthesia, especially if the cavity isn't deep. It reduces the chance of

damaging the tooth during a procedure, and it leaves more healthy tooth material behind. 

This makes it ideal for children, or others who are sensitive to dental discomfort. In fact, it's perfect for

 treating tiny cavities that have been detected by laser diagnosis (cavities too small to be seen on an X-ray),

and sealing them up before they become bigger problems. Minimally-invasive procedures are where 

Air Abrasion truly shines. Because it's a relatively fine-scale instrument, it isn't suitable for treating deep cavities

 or removing old metal fillings. However, as a high-tech tool for performing many preventive and restorative

 dental procedures, it offers some unique benefits to both dentist and patient.

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